In order to provide the best experience, it is our intention to only rent to one group or event at a time so that the integrity of the property is targeted to one purpose. We want to work hand-in-hand with you to make sure your group rental or event runs smoothly. Because of the versatility of the land and buildings, our rates are customized to the needs of each event.



The entire ranch can be rented on a daily, nightly or weekly basis, making it perfect for reunions, gatherings, retreats, and more. A few of our buildings, such as the Barn and Schoolhouse, can also be rented out individually for the day. 

Our Peak Season Baseline Nightly Rates:
(June 1st-Sept. 30th and Dec. 20th- Jan. 15th)

  • Village Area (excluding the Cedar House): $2,095 plus tax

  • Entire Ranch (including the Cedar House): $2,795 plus tax

Our off-peak rates are roughly 25% less. As previously stated, our rates do vary depending upon amenities and duration of stay. 

Please note we have a 2-night minimum. 


We have many amenities to help your event, such as folding tables and chairs, kitchen supplies, yoga mats, etc. We also have additional amenities, such as picnic tables and small tents that can be rented.

Included with all overnight rentals are the following: daily maid service, a ranch host to help facilitate your stay, exclusive access to160 acres, recreational equipment, and a tour of the property. Chef services for up to three meals a day can also be included, depending on your group's needs.


Inquire below for more detailed information!