"With generosity & vision & ever-widening circle of deep heart connections, you are truly changing the world. Peace, joy, abundance, love..." -- Anne

"Truly amazing and spectacular! Place & people! Thank you so much for sharing your masterpiece!" -- Douglas

"Such an amazing place to stay! Beautiful buildings and property with stunning views and amazing attention to detail. The food was incredible and the property owners were so helpful! You feel like you are truly away from it all but you’re only minutes away from Whitefish, Kalispell or Glacier Park. This would be the PERFECT spot for a family reunion or any type of retreat." -- Aubrie Lorona, Swan Mountain Outfitters

"I am not sure how to accurately describe just how incredible Dancing Spirit Ranch is! The craftsmanship of the buildings is incredible...new details emerge with every visit! Robin and Tyler were incredible hosts, ensuring our time at the ranch to be one of relaxation...exactly why we go there. There aren't many places in Montana that offer guests the opportunity to create a custom experience NEAR to a neighboring town. Dancing Spirit offers the chance for you to be secluded but lies only a quick ten minute drive from both Whitefish and Columbia Falls, gateways to skiing, lake life and Glacier National Park. I highly recommend spending time at the ranch. Whether you need a quiet getaway with friends, you're having a family reunion, or you're in charge of planning a company retreat, this paradise should be at the top of your list! Five stars, high fives, thumbs up and a big congrats to the staff at Dancing Spirit for opening such a wonderful property for others to enjoy!" -- Alyssa Clark, Revelry Experience 

"Connection with the land, rest, rejuvenation, beauty, peace... so many gifts are bestowed by simply being at Dancing Spirit Ranch. From the perspective of an event planner, the environment of the Ranch is unparalleled. The land itself, the big sky, the views, the Barn, the Schoolhouse, The Bunkhouse, the Little White House and the Cedar House, all provide peaceful, useful spaces that individually contribute to each unique event. From the perspective of a seeker, the quality and depth of instruction over the past year's classes have been just amazing and they have contributed greatly to my growth. I am very grateful to have this special and sacred space in our community. Robin and Tyler are gracious, caring, warm and organized hosts, giving their heart to your experience, and Katherine and Gordon's vision and understanding have set the ultimate foundation for this sublime location on the planet." -- Joyce

"Our stay at Dancing Spirit was in all ways MAGICAL! Warm and caring hosts, stunning Montana landscape, sacred sites throughout the property, mouth-watering meals, all add up to a deep sense of place, beauty, and connection. Our only regret was not staying long enough, so we've already scheduled a longer visit for next year!" -- Jennifer Shryock, Rainmaker Retreats 

"One of the most high vibing, positive places I have ever been. Beauty and good energy in every corner, not to mention the hosts are incredible people and teachers! Couldn't recommend this place enough!" -- Jolie Manza, YogaKoh

"My girlfriends and I stayed in the bunkhouse for weekend retreat. The accommodations were clean, comfortable, and had a rustic-chic atmosphere. The food was nutritious and delicious and is not to be missed. The grounds are picturesque and the location is central to all of the Flathead Valley's offerings. The best thing by far, was the warmth and hospitality provided by Tyler and Robin. We had a wonderful stay!" -- Ashley

"I stayed at Dancing Spirit Ranch for a winter retreat and not a detail was missed. From the rustic bunkhouse, to delicious meals in the cozy barn, the little yoga house, and the magical structures made from sacred stones - it was easy to relax into the energy of winter. Robin and Tyler made sure to create an experience that we wouldn't forget. Cannot recommend enough!" -- Kara

"I’ve attended events as well as taught a couple of yoga workshops at Dancing Spirit Ranch and it is beyond amazing. Between the property and the buildings and the sacred sites, it’s absolutely magical. Can’t wait to go back!!" -- Charlie Covey

"My wife Jeanne and I have been fortunate enough to attend a couple of events at Dancing Spirit Ranch. We found the name to be very fitting. There are so many cool spots on the ranch that it’s hard to pick a favorite. From the winding river that runs thru the bottom land to the labyrinth in the hillside pathways, there are plenty of great places to explore and re-create. If we had to choose, we’d probably pick the Secret Garden. Jeanne and I felt a magic there that sticks with us today. Both of the events were first class as were the accommodations and meals. The hosts, Tyler and Robin, were attentive and hands on with everything. We highly recommend the Dancing Spirit Ranch and look forward to our next visit." -- Chip Noe

"A place of belonging, care, and love. A place to call home. Love, light, and big hugs." -- Justin Tan, Dr. Justin Tan 

"As we forget who we are, your place brings me back to remember who we are. You have created a place for the wild inside of me to be unleashed, to see the immense beauty all around that reminds me the immense beauty inside of me. To be able to dance, experience ecstatic laughter. Thank you for the orgasmic experience." -- Debbie

"Dancing Spirit Ranch is like a little bit of heaven. Beautiful, welcoming, and it smells so good! One of the best dinners ever beside the pond! Robin and Tyler, thank you!" -- Charlene

"Too brief a visit for me --  magical setting for a weekend away from home. A true chunk of heaven on earth. Definitely will be back." -- Sarah

"My experience at Dancing Spirit Ranch was unforgettable. As soon as I checked out I knew I had to return, and I immediately planned my next trip. I'm not one for any type of stylized wellness spaces or products, and can be cynical about anything that comes across as new-agey or elitist. I can say that this place is truly magical and well worth your visit if you are able. Not only are the grounds beautiful, and all accommodations new, but the property and setting itself is unlike anything else. You have privacy, stunning scenery, a really amazing environment to give yourself space and be present. There is an energy present that I can't put into words; it can only be felt. The owners/family and all who operate behind the scenes are friendly, kind, and generous. I'm grateful for Jodi from Shanti Yoga for introducing me to this place. And thanks to Robin and Tyler for being gracious hosts. ." -- Dana Falsetti 

"Thank you for the deeply personalized hospitality and attention to detail. Transformational experience. Thank you!" -- Karen

"Thank you for sharing this spectacular place with us. It was an unforgettable, wonderful, inspiring, and special week. I am so grateful for every moment of it!" -- Sarah

"Lest you think we didn't notice all the fine details you have paid careful attention to, I want you to know, we did! From the lovely linens to the yummy food and, best of all, your smiling faces and warm greetings every time we crossed your path. Thank you." -- Twila

"Thank you for this awe-inspiring, peaceful sanctuary for Haven. The love and intention in every detail made me feel immediately at ease. I am leaving recharged, ready to face the world with more kind strength and fierce love." -- Heather

"Dancing Spirit Ranch, a place of love and divine light created out of pure love for mother earth and humanity. Thank you so much for a sacred space for me to rest and unwind. The care here was impeccable! Thank you! -- Jie