We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to host workshops and retreats. It is ideal for our guests to have time to unplug and immerse themselves fully into their retreat...both internally and externally.   


The Schoolhouse is an excellent building that is easily adaptable to  your needs. It can go from a room full of yogis to a formal meeting room, setup with audio visual aids, to a kids camp.  We can rent the entire ranch to a group and let them handle the bookings, or we can help make individual arrangements with each person attending a workshop that is open to the public.

The land itself also brings a powerful element to any retreat along with the sacred stone sites that can be integrated into any program. The owners have collaborated for decades with people from around the world to help support peace, balance and unification by working with the planet and the special energies held in the land here. The frequencies that emanate from the land and sites are deeply supportive of all who come to the ranch.

We always look forward to the diverse types of inspiration that teachers, mentors and guides bring to enrich and illuminate the lives of others. Please inquire below about reserving the time for a new workshop or retreat.

Also, be sure to check our calendar to see if any of our upcoming workshops spark your interest! We have incredible programs coming through our doors.