WELCOME to Dancing Spirit Ranch,

a peaceful yet dynamic place of conscious co-creation between man and nature. Where the earth, the elements and the natural cycles of life are given center stage in the incredible beauty of Montana. A meeting place of ancient tradition and new wisdom, we celebrate the animals and winged ones who share this land and sky, as well as the voices of the trees, the stones, the mountains and the stars. We also celebrate your voice...for in the stillness, splendor and simplicity that one can experience here, you can begin to feel the rhythm of your own heart while breathing deeply in connection with nature. With space to listen, you can start to hear and ultimately share the quiet voice that has often been silenced in our rushing world.

This is the invitation we extend to you...a place to bring your creative, joyful spirit along with your family, friends and community.



The other important elements..

Nestled within this sanctuary is a small compound of buildings that offer guests a wide variety of activities and meeting areas. The Barn houses a commercial kitchen, dining room, library and fireside sitting area. The Schoolhouse is an ideal meeting place for many types of gatherings and workshops, or it can simply be used as a recreation hall. The seven-bedroom bunkhouse has an Old West feel coupled with plush mattresses and warm Pendleton blankets. The Little White House is a former schoolmarm’s cottage that borders the 14-acre pond. This quaint village is the perfect base for all your pursuits of the ranch's activities.

And, of course, Dancing Spirit Ranch is in the middle of northwest Montana’s legendary, recreational wonderland. Located 6 miles southeast of Whitefish, which was just named Montana's most beautiful town, we are a short drive from Glacier National Park, Whitefish Mountain Resort, and many pristine lakes that are woven between beautiful rivers and streams. Hiking, whitewater rafting, fly fishing, mountain biking, golf and skiing are just a few of the adventures that can be arranged.  No matter what gathering or retreat brings you here, please enjoy your journey through our web pages and pictures. Even better yet, schedule a trip to see it all with your own eyes and become a regular visitor to DANCING SPIRIT RANCH.