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Glacier Quest: A Retreat by Jennifer Shryock


 Glacier Quest – On the Trail with Your Wild Soul

A Women’s Retreat in Glacier National Park and at Dancing Spirit Ranch, Montana

5 Days and 4 Nights, July 31st - August 4th, 2019

Somewhere in the wilds of Glacier National Park, a small group of hikers steps quietly off trail, their senses attuned. In stillness, they notice the nature all around them. They listen for wildlife and wild wisdom, and attune to whatever details call their attention, both within and around them. 

They seek to know themselves and their purpose in a new way, to access their inner wisdom and guidance. Nature herself reflects to them breadcrumbs along their trail to peace, purpose, and deep connection. She helps release old patterns that no longer serve and restore a sense of healing, aliveness, and clarity that these hikers will take back home into their daily lives.

This is your call: join them.

A Note from Jennifer:

The Glacier Quest women’s retreat in Glacier Park comes on the heels of a six-year debilitating chronic illness that flattened me so completely I could barely lift my fingers to type, much less hike and travel. The deeper I’ve gone into the mind-body realm and back to nature, the more my vitality has returned, so I view what I used to call illness as Calling. And now I’m obsessed with callings. They’re the thread that connects all of my work (and pretty much everything I see and hear).

I’ve designed the Glacier Quest women’s retreat to meet you where you are. You will delve into quest in the safe and intelligent cocoon of our small group and my loving guidance and leadership. You’ll also delve deep into stillness, presence, and guided introspection.

Our medicine walk will be a combination of wilderness activity and personal growth. We’ll hike every day we’re in Glacier National Park (easy to moderate, 5 to 10 miles) and we’ll also take opportunities to slow or stop for presence, visioning, and connection to our inner knowing. Walking or still, I’ll gently lead with coaching and activities to help release old contracts and social masks, receive guidance from nature and within, and restore a sense of self, of strength, vitality, and wildness, that you can take into your daily lives and wildest dreams.

I’ve connected with esteemed naturalist and wild soul, Melissa Scott, to join us as co-guidess. We’ve put together an amazing array of hikes, sights, and experiences in and around Glacier National Park. Many of the photos on this page are hers. You can learn more about Melissa and her work here.


Retreat Highlights:

  • Personalized coaching with Master Certified Coach, Jennifer Shryock, using my full coaching toolkit, including Mind-Body, Martha Beck training, and nature guide, all within a supportive group setting

  • World-class naturalist and guide, Melissa Scott, to share perspective on natural and cultural history, wildlife safety and awareness, and 25-years experience in GNP

  • First two nights’ stay at the amazing Dancing Spirit Ranch: 160 acres of wide open spaces, a gorgeous gathering barn and “bunkhouse,” a private chef to provide our meals, and so much more.

  • Three days of hiking, presencing, and stillness in Glacier National Park, the Crown of the Continent and headwaters for streams that flow to the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and to Hudson’s Bay

  • In Glacier Park, we’ll stay at the historic and recently restored Many Glacier Lodge.

  • Scenic drive on the world famous Going to the Sun Road with Melissa and Jennifer

  • An intimate group of no more than eight, plus guides

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