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The Art of Presence: A Retreat with Peter Kater

The Art of Presence: A Retreat with Peter Kater


Being present with your Self and in your life is the single most healing, inspiring, and transformative practice you will ever learn...

Join me . . . in the presence of Trees.

Where the Earth beckons a 

deeper listen

As it draws you down into it’s peace.

Join me . . . on the edge

of the known and unfamiliar.

In the company of intimate strangers.

Join me . . . for an eternal moment

Within the eye of spiraling time.

As we reclaim what we’ve lost.

Join me . . . in loving emancipation

In blinding night and blinding light.

To awaken once more and again.

-Peter Kater


"If you want to be utterly transported, you want the magic and the music of Peter Kater.  Once you hear what his mind, his heart, his soul and his fingers do with a keyboard, nothing less and nothing else will do." --  Neale Donald Walsch, Author "Conversations With God"

Join me, Peter Kater, for 5 nights and 6 days just outside of Whitefish, Montana, cultivating deep presence, healing, intimacy and joy in one of the most beautiful and serene places on Earth.  Through listening to live music, to the sounds and silence of nature, crystal singing bowls, to our Selves and each other, we will cultivate a deep awareness and experience the magical presence and continual movement of Life in all of its transformations.  Being present with ourselves, the Earth and each other is the single most healing, inspiring and transformative practice we will ever learn . . . and the most creative. 

We will spend a week together at Dancing Spirit Ranch, a peaceful yet dynamic place of conscious co-creation between man and nature, where the earth, the elements and the natural cycles of life are given center stage in the incredible beauty of the Rocky Mountains of Northwest Montana.  It sits on 160-acres full of forests, ponds, and over 5 miles of walking trails leading you to a variety of sacred stone sites. From labyrinth walks to gong baths, the hidden treasures of Dancing Spirit Ranch will make this retreat unlike any other. The ranch has a variety of buildings that create a unique Western Village, perfect to house our nature getaway.  From yoga and music in the School House, to nourishing meals in the Barn, every corner of the ranch has something memorable to offer. 

We will enjoy delicious, healthy meals made with local farm-to-table organic ingredients.  We will listen to music performed by myself and other guest musicians daily, sometimes in performance style situations and sometimes informally next to the roasting fire. During each nightly fire circle, we will share and entertain thoughtful, engaging and expanding conversation, and sometimes just contemplate and revel in the silent roar of quiet presence.  Lie under my piano while I play for you and even sign-up for a personal private musical “reading,” which I will record for you.  We will tone together using 12 crystal singing bowls.  We will explore the wonder and miracle of Nature on beautiful Dancing Spirit Ranch, at local lakes, at Glacier National Park and even take a leisurely four hour river float on tubes, kayaks, canoes or paddle boards from town back to the ranch. 

We will learn and practice various exercises to stimulate deep presence and listening.   And we will have every afternoon free to do as we wish.  Enjoy and explore the beauty and magic of nature; or nap in the sun by the lake; or kayak, paddle board; journal or visit with friends.   All formal group activities will happen between sunrise and lunch and then again from dinner into the evening hours.  There will be one or two free evenings as well to explore Whitefish or do whatever your heart calls you to do.  Also, if you’re a musician and would like to play with me, bring your instrument.  I’m sure we can find some time during the week to be present in our music together.

"My soul was dancing with delight as Peter created a musical masterpiece right in the moment.  It was awe inspiring to witness the birth of a song that was in tune with my energy. It felt as if the melody captured the very essence of my being." -- Tanya Gabriel


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