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Reeling Silk- Strengthen, Heal, & Evolve the Body: Part 1

Mollie Busby from Yoga Hive Montana is bringing Tod Lonergan to the ranch!

Introduction, Principles and Practice
This course is a two-part introduction to the practice of the ancient internal arts.

These are the training of the mind, or the art of self-healing, the training of the body, or the art of self-defense, and the training of the spirit, or the art of self-transformation. These three arts can be developed harmoniously through one simple practice.

In the internal martial arts we refer to this practice as the "art of silk reeling."

There are many forms and postures in the internal arts but they are all governed by the same principles.

The proper application of these principles in even the simplest of movements is difficult to attain, so many students of the internal arts become mired down in complex theories and choreography and abandon them.

However through the daily practice of a few simple techniques these principles can be reawakened in the body and in the practice of any of the internal arts. By cultivating both the internal energy and the higher function of the connective tissue of the body, we will learn to heal ourselves, to evolve ourselves, and to defend ourselves from any attack, whether physical, emotional, or energetic in nature. The course will be presented in two separate segments.

The first segment will introduce the true nature of the body and the subtle energy field and the principles of proper breath, gravity, and movement. Vital points that correlate to the higher functions of the internal ecosystem will be identified and methods for their cultivation will be demonstrated and shared, as well as exercises for training the energy and fasciae of the body.

The focus of this segment will be strengthening, healing, and evolving the body in all its aspects. 

Students of all levels and ages are welcome to attend.

$45 for one workshop or $75 for both β€” attendance at either gets you a FREE 15 minute one-on-one healing/consultation with Tod. Attendees can also schedule a 90-minute session with Tod during the week following the workshops at a discounted rate (Note from Mollie: A healing with Tod is an INVALUABLE expereince... seriously life changing!)

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