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A Day with Mike Matsumura



Upside Down, You're Turning Me!

Many yogis will say their biggest challenge in their physical practice is approaching inversions. If you are like many other practitioners, your inversions could use some work. Mike will share the basic mechanics of inversion postures. He will focus on safely helping you achieve these major inversions (headstand, forearm stand, handstand, shoulder stand). The use of props (if needed) will also be incorporated. 
What you can expect in this workshop: 

  • We will discuss why inversions are an important part of the asana practice and why they are so beneficial. 
  • This workshop will consist of Pranayama (breathing exercises), Asana (postures), and Dhyana (meditation) along with getting familiar with Ashtanga Yoga (8 Limbs of Yoga). 
  • We will move through a shortened Dharma Yoga sequence to ignite the tapas (internal heat), thus getting the body and mind prepared for inversions. 
  • We will find out what works and what does not work for you, because everyone’s body is structured differently. 
  • Beginners: We will dissect the ways to get you inverted without scaring the mind or the body. 
  • Intermediate Practitioners: We will find ways to get you away from the wall. 
    Appropriate for: All levels
  • Duration: 2hrs 

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

In life, it can be a great adventure to take a leap of faith and try something new. It is ok to play it safe, but sometimes in life, we can achieve greater accomplishments by trusting ourselves and taking risks. Imagine if you never took risks in your life....first off, you wouldn't be here on your yoga mat! In this workshop, we will work on taking your practice to your highest level. It takes courage, practice, patience, dedication, compassion, a step away from fear, and just plain ol' enjoying the journey to Self- realization. It is through taking risks and believing in yourself, that you will be able to see what great things you are capable of achieving. So let's unroll our mats and take that leap of faith to discovering our highest potential and to reaching the higher Self! 
What you can expect in this workshop: 

  • We will move through a fun, vigorous and challenging asana sequence. 
  • Various Pranayama techniques will be explored. 
  • We'll also explore variations of postures, while still keeping it light-hearted. 
  • Your practice will be taken to a new level in a safe way. 
  • You will get twisted, bent, balanced and inverted....all without fear! 
  • To add to the light-hearted theme, traditional yoga chants and not-so yogic, but really fun music will be
  • Ending in meditation is a must! 
  • Appropriate for: Everyone 
  • Duration: 2hrs

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