This family owned ranch has a rich history going way back before they bought it over 25 years ago. Previously home to the Half Moon Mill, remnants of the past are often found throughout the property. From antique dinner plates, to railroad artifacts surfacing in the tilled crops, to the barn that we now congregate in today, this ranch is constantly merging the past with the present. Not only does each building hold a story, but many of the details scattered throughout hold one as well. There are many present day creations that you will find on the land that also hold great significance. With nature being their greatest inspiration, this family has dedicated their lives to the well being of this land. They grew organic crops for nearly 20 years; now only a couple alfalfa fields remain, while the rest of the land dances with forests, tall grasses, a gentle river and ponds. If you’re lucky, you can sit by the fire with one of the family members of this property to learn all about it.

The heart of the family is the heart of the ranch.

As a small, family-owned and operated business, our hope is that our guests feel a part of our tight-knit unit. One can find elements of each family member throughout the ranch...You can admire the creativity of Gordon in each building, as he is the mastermind behind it all. Katherine's incredible dedication to the land shines through all of the stone sites that she has built over the years, and if you're lucky, you can experience one of her mesmerizing gong baths. Their daughter, Robin, and her husband Tyler, run the operations and love spending their time getting to know the guests. You can find them cheffing it up in the kitchen, teaching yoga classes, and working their magic all over the property. 

This ranch, first and foremost, is a family home. Grandkids' laughter can be heard in the distance. Spontaneous visits from all of our pups happen on the daily. Neighbors pop in and out to borrow tools. We cherish our time here on the ranch together, walking the trails, celebrating holidays, fishing with grandkids, and much more. We know how blessed we are to call this place home, and it is our honor to share it with you.